Monday, April 26, 2010


Cows grazing in the field
Cows are grass fed and moved every couple days.

Pastured Ducks

Ducks love to stick together
We built a "shade-mobile" for the summer time.
Duck eggs are great for baking. They change the consistency of the batter and make excellent cookies! Also, duck eggs on average are twice the size of a large chicken egg.

Pastured Chickens

The chickens are surrounded with a temporary poultry net so that we can move them every couple days.

Chickens love to peck and scratch the ground.
Chickens around the feeders.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lambs on Pasture

Over the next few weeks we will feature our different production models and this week is Sheep and Lambs. We moved our sheep out in mid march. They move to a new paddock every day for fresh grass leaving behind droppings to fertilize the ground. We recently purchased 13 new ewes and they started lambing last week.

Here are the new ewes! It took them several days to aclimate to the flock and join in. Even a week later they still maintain their own "click"!


Cindy setting up nets for an early morning sheep breakfast!