Thanks so much for your interest in our farm and in joining a Buying Club! This sheet will hopefully answer your questions and provide some info on what a buying club is and how things work.

A common problem with finding a source of clean, wholesome, naturally raised meat is it can be located hours away and becomes cost prohibitive and time consuming to travel out to the farm every time something is needed. The proverbial “weak link” is the transport of the products from the farm to the customer. Why else are mega-chain stores successful but for the fact they are conveniently located?

Enter the Buying Club.

In its simplest form a buying club is a collection of people in a particular area ordering as a group. They do not necessarily know each other but have a common interest in buying good food. We compile the orders and deliver to a set location on a set date and time.

What you need to do to join a club:

1. Joining the club

Simply send us your email address and indicate you want to join the club in your local area. For instance we have a DC club, a Warrenton club, etc. we will confirm your address and send you the info on what date and time the drop is.

2. Spread the word!

Everyone has friends and neighbors! Let them know you are starting a locally hosted buying club bringing clean meats from the farm to the table! Either get their email addresses and send to us or have them email us at asking to be added to the buying club. Usually we give the club a name such as “USDA club” or “Georgetown club” to differentiate.

We do have a $500 collective ordering minimum per club. Notice it is collective, not individual. Not everyone needs $500 worth of food per month but the club as a whole needs to be ordering in volume. We invest a lot of time putting the orders together and sorting the emails and such. Not to complain but it’s just not worth our time to drive 2 hours for a collective order of 3 doz eggs!

3. The details

The buying club is once a month. Usually it is a set day of the month such as second Tuesdays. The date and time will be in the confirmation email.

We send out an email 10 days prior to the drop day. You have about a week to look over the pricelist and any specials we may have. Email us your order at your convenience. We close ordering 2 days prior to the drop.

We will send a order confirmation email with your total the day prior to the drop.

Meet us at the drop location on on the set time and pick up your order!

If there are any problems please give one of us a call!