Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter desk time!

Yes folks, it is time! I (Jordan) have spent the entire day in the office preforming my least favorite task on the farm, paperwork, emailing and phone calling. The old axiom of "work 80 hours a week so you don't have to work 40 hours for someone else" rings true. Especially when running a farm but to be honest I enjoy every part of it, even the paperwork. For me office work is an intellectual discipline that is first necessary for survival of the farm and second, a exercise that sets plans and goals for the year. Clears my line of sight of clutter and sharpens my focus for what has to happen for a successful year.
It's a love hate relationship we have, the office and I!
entrance into one of our rental farms. Beautiful!
Winter for us is a season of relative rest ( meaning 40-50 hour weeks instead of the summer 80ish), planing our next year and catching up on all the office needs. Here are some of the items on my digital plate:
1. write content for our new website! When this launches it will be, pardon the expression.....   AWESOME! Stay tuned on this one.
2. Write animal protocols for all our animal operations. This will help our interns and employees have a written guide for how we do things.
3. Finish writing our 2012 overhead and operational budgets, sales goals etc. EXTENSIVE!
4. Write a clear filing system for our quick books expense and sales entries.
5. Write what we are calling "KRA's" (Key Result Areas) for all team members, myself included. This basically details every ones job descriptions and what defines success.
     There are others but I border on the boring. A very exciting thing is that today I ordered all of our chicks and ducklings for this year! Spring for us begins in 8 short weeks!

My office....not so beautiful. Yawn, I need a cup o' joe!