Sunday, January 24, 2010

More of hoophouse construction

Spreading out the cover....

Cindy getting ready to pull the cover over the top with the rope, attached with clamps.

Jordan & Elijah rolling the ends of the plastic up.
Pulling the other end of the cover tight with the tractor.
Laura standing in the doorway of the hoophouse.

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Nikki said...

Jordan and mother spoke to you on the phone about a possible upcoming apprenticeship. I was excited to find the link to your blog on Polyface's site. We are a large homeschooling family with 8 children and expecting another late fall. We have a vision and a goal to oneday be a successful family farm, as it is something we have envisioned for years and finally feel a peace to pursue. It is so exciting to see young, Spirit filled Christian, homeschooling families with the same vision that are already successful and being blessed in their farming endeavors. I enjoyed being able to peek into your lives and your farm. Feel free to meet and "get to know us" as a family at our main blog. I usually am pretty good at keeping it updated though I have been a little sicker than anticipated with this pregnancy. Hopefully once I am past the 1st trimester I will be back to posting more often than once a week. :)

For recent pictures of the children:

I hope to learn as much as we can from you. We greatly desire to see the vision brought to fruition and hope to be able to glean wisdom and insight along with the "nuts and bolts" of the operation, finances and how-to's from ones that have gone before us.