Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A delicious variety of meat and eggs

To give you an idea of some products we have on hand...
Pork - chops, spare ribs, gr. pork, bulk sausage and sausage links, tenderloin, fresh ham roast, fresh side (uncured bacon- no nitrates or preservatives), boston butt, fish loin, backbone
Beef - NY strip, delmonico (ribeye), T-bone, sirloin, chuck roast, eye of round, brisket, sirloin tip, ground beef, liver, filet
Lamb - shanks, ground lamb, chops, rack roast, shoulder roast, boneless loin roast, rolled shoulder
Chicken Eggs - Large & medium
Duck Eggs - Large, medium, and small

All products are ready and available for anyone who is interested. Please feel free to stop by the farm, farmers market, or join our buying club.

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